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Roulette Tips To Win

This site is dedicated to bringing you some of the best tips that will show you how to win at roulette and increase your odds when playing roulette online.

Roulette Tip #1

Choose your roulette table carefully.  There are two main types of roulette tables – European roulette table and American roulette table.  The European roulette table has only one zero slot, where as the American roulette table has a second one.

Because of this, the American table has a much higher house edge of over 5.6%, compared to the 2.8% of the European table.  So our first roulette tip is to always play with the European table where possible.

Some tables will also have the ‘En Prison’ rule which can help lower the house edge even further on a European one.

Roulette Tip #2

Bankroll management.  It’s important that you know how to manage your roulette bankroll – know how much you have, how much you can afford to lose and more importantly how much you want to win before quitting.

It’s easy to get on a winning streak and continue, only to find your luck changes, so the second of our roulette tips is to make sure you have a goal in mind, once you hit that goal, walk away.  And again, never gamble what you can’t afford to lose.

Roulette Tip #3

Know the roulette odds.  One thing that many new roulette players fail to understand is just how the roulette table breaks down in terms of roulette payouts and odds.

The single numbers pay out 35:1 which seems like a large amount, but the odds of landing on them are 37:1 or about a 2.7% chance.

The bets such as even/odds, and red/black pay out 1:1 which doesn’t seem like much, but they have a 37:18 chance of paying out, or roughly 48.6% chance of winning.

So there are lots of things to consider when playing roulette, but hopefully these will help you on your way.

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